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Skip the printer - digital business cards are the way of the future. Never miss an opportunity again .  Have your card at your fingertips. Powered by Haystack paperless business card.


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easyPRINT helps you bring your business 

into the modern, digital age.  Never miss an opportunity to show off what you do, or how to contact you.


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Multi page brochure or single poster - these Interactive publications are easy to email or embed to a website. Take your publication to the next level.


What is easyPRINT? is committed to providing innovative ways to enhance your business marketing all while keeping a low carbon footprint.

Why Paperless?

  Imagine this. Meeting a prospective client and simply sending them your card. They now have your contact information, website, social media, sales & marketing pieces - all from a click of a button. 

How to order?

  Simply go to the shop and order your card, or contact us about your publication and you will receive communication regarding the design / template of your required products.

Business Cards

Teamed with Haystack App to provide online - digital business cards, easyPRINT hosts your cards, but you have full control over the content. The Haystack App is simple and easy to use.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designer is ready to take your marketing materials and take it to the next level. With ten years of field experience, your marketing is in good hands. 


Take an existing publication, or a newly designed one, and make it interactive with video and hyperlinks and provide you with the links to share on social media, embed to your website or share with your customers.

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