Amway Digital Business Cards

What is on Your Amway Digital Card


Digital vs Paper Card

A paper card is just that, paper.  With a digital  business card you're sharing far more information about you, your company and all your direct links to promotions and your social media link, 

Social Media Links

With your own personal Social Media links and Company Social media links, it is simpler to 

keep all in one place to share and access for your relationship.  

Scan Paper Cards

Scanning a paper card is simple.  Once you scan the paper card, the app will populate the 

information from the card and then you are able to share your information to text, email or 

QR code sharing. 

Share your Digital Card with any Device

No one requires the app to receive your card information. They can also access your 

information from your email signature. 

Connect your Website links

You can have unique information included on your digital card  such as your website, and 

brochure pdf's, 

EASYPRINT Support Team

Our team will set up, train and design your Digital Card and ensure the transition from paper 

card to digital card is smooth.

Share, Capture and Collect

In this video we are showing how the haystack card 

by shares a card by text/email and how 

to collect information from the recipient.