Avon Digital Business Card

What is on your Avon Digital Business Card


Digital Avon Business Card

With the Digital business card from Avon, it's a great way to share Avon''s website links and even the 

product catalogue. 

Social Media

Having it all in one place from the Pinterest account to the downloaded pdf for your Customers 

to access.

Sharing your Card is EASY

Share via text, email or QR code.  Provide a customized message in the app that can guide 

your customer or relationship to important information on the card.

Others Can share your Card

With the Haystack card from Easyprint,  the Avon card can be shared to others though social 

media and emails in a Facebook group or direct message.

Share the Big News

Information is aways updated linking the Blog page from the company Website.  Your customers 

will have an easier access to the information than navigating a website, including access from 

their mobile device. 


Our team will keep you informed with best practices and training so that you can focus on your business.  We make it easy for business.

Simple to Share and to Build Trust

Short video how to share your card and information.