Car Dealership Digital Business Cards


What can you do with YOUR Card

How does it Work

  • When the app is first opened, users are prompted to create their card. This is what will be shared when they exchange contact details.
  • Easyprint customers can control and limit the customization available for all users in a particular email domain. ACME brands for example, can control the logo, and colors of all cards created with an email address. If you have more complicated email branding needs, we can help.
  • Users can use Haystack to scan paper business cards, and instantly share their digital card back - to any platform. (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web, Card)
  • Anyone who receives a Haystack card from can save it to their device - whether they use Haystack or not. New users first see a mobile web version of Haystack card, which they can save directly to their device.
  • Users who receive a Haystack card and already have the app installed can save the card directly to their Haystack list.
  • All of a user’s contacts are saved in their Haystack account - accessible across devices and on the web and safely backed up automatically.

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