Isagenix Digital Business Cards

What is on Your Isagenix Business Card

Isagenix Digital Business Card, Isagenix Paperless Business Card

Isagenix Digital Business Card

Your digital business card is feature rich with links to all of the Isagenix blogs, social media and other links.  Open Joanne's Card for a complete tour. 

Easy to Share

The digital business card is easy to share to any device including email.  The recipients will not be required to sign up to anything or download an app.

Scan Paper Cards

With the Haystack scanner feature, the app will scan the business card and populate the information from the card and check the internet for logo. Then you can share your digital business card via email, text & QR code.

Share Cards

Sharing your card is easy once you've synced your contacts using the Easyprint digital business card from haystack. Very easy to share anyones business card with your relationships.  Great way to share a referral.

Isagenix Card is Your Data Library

The information that is on your digital business card is a great way to keep up with any feeds, including new posts and events.  Watch how this works today.

Digital Publications

We have downloaded an option to have current product brochures all on your digital business card. Easy to share to your prospects and relationships. 

Isagenix Digital Business Card

Watch this short Video to learn more about what can be included on your Isagenix digital business card.

Digital Publications on Your Isagenix Card