Real Estate Digital Business Cards

What's on Your Real Estate Digital Business Card

Paperless digital card

Contact Details

The Easyprint digital business card is a a tool to connect with your relationships, share more information about you and your business and allow your customers to retain the information in their contacts.

Social Media Links

Today, we have many social media links and the Easyprint card from Haystack keeps it all in one simple place for you to share and clients to access.  

Personal Wedsite

The haystack card can connect to more than one website and allows your client base to keep relevant information about you and your offerings with your digital business card.

Your Listings Page or Site

Sending a text message to your prospects indicating a New Listing on your site is just that simple.

Recommended Lender

Your personal website has unique lending information. Just link it on the digital business card.  

Why go Digital?

Paper cards are an outdated system of sharing today.  You don't get your prospects name, email or cell phone number.  A paper card is just one way sharing.  You give a card with nothing in return.

How RE/MAX is using the Card today

Learn more about how the card captures emails and contact information as well as how to share the card with a customer. 

Visit the RE/MAX album for additional Videos. 

RE/MAX Training Album

Scanning paper card and sharing 
Best practice with Card
How to with a digital business card